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A solar inverter, or PV inverter, converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current (AC). It is a critical component in a photovoltaic system, allowing the use of ordinary commercial appliances. Solar inverters have special functions adapted for use with photovoltaic arrays, including maximum power point tracking and anti-islanding protection. Solar inverters used in Pakistan are Off-Grid Inverters becaue there is no ON-Grid system available for domestic users in Pakistan

Off-Grid Inverters

These inverters are principally meant to be used with solar for a home or business totally disconnected from the electric utility company. They can also be used for providing emergency backup power to homes that currently use the power from an electric company. Inverters with the built-in AC charger option are particularly well suited to providing seamless backup power.

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